About Aarden Press

Power in numbers. This simple philosophy is the foundation of Aarden Press. We believe that when authors band together, our combined skills, talents, and resources work to the mutual benefit of all. Do you have what it takes? Submit your manuscript today and find out! 

Our Mission

We are striving to provide a relevant and powerful platform for talented Indie Authors who are unwilling or unable to break into the corporate publishing scene. Our mission is, through the collective talents of Indie Authors, to provide the full range of publishing, editing, and marketing needed to make it in today’s treacherous world of publishing.

Our Vision

Long term – to provide the full-range of professional publishing services at no cost to talented Indie Authors, utilizing only a small percentage of book sales to fund our operations. Short Term – to provide the full-range of professional publishing services at a minimal cost which allows us to sustain operations until such a time as the cooperative has grown large enough to survive on a small percentage of profits.


How it works

How to publish with Aarden Press

Upload your manuscript for review by one of our volunteer editors. 

In approximately 1-4 weeks for short stories, and 1-3 months for novels, one of our volunteer editors (a fellow Indie Author), will review your manuscript for content and quality.

If your manuscript passes our review for quality, we will propose terms for a contract to edit, publish, and market your book.

How to join Aarden Press

Complete a simple application verifying your credentials as an Indie Author.

One of our Team Members will review your application.

Upon acceptance to our team, you will begin your role as requested. Team members have drastically reduced publishing costs and are voting members of the Aarden Press Publishing Cooperative.


You! Aarden Press Publishing is a not-for-profit publishing model. We only take a small percentage of sales to fund our operations. 

This is a tricky question. Ultimately, our vision is to offer all services for free but this requires a certain number of members for us to break even and to continue publishing and promoting. At this time, each submission is offered a cost based upon both economic factors (cost of publishing and marketing) and the needs of the individual author (how much promotion you want, number of hard copies, etc). Most authors will be offered a contract in the low hundreds for a novel.

Again, this depends upon the author. When we offer a contract, up-front costs will partially be determined by who has reprint rights and for how long. However, at the end of the day, the author ultimately retains the rights to their work.

Power in numbers. It’s that simple. By combining our talents and resources, not only can we help each other produce better quality works, but we are able to share resources that would otherwise cost a lot of money (Pro Writing Aid, for example). Additionally, you gain the power of a “brand” which creates a sense of legitimacy and quality to the consumer.

We offer the full range of publishing service Editing

  • Beta Readers
  • Book Reviews
  • Publishing of Physical Copies as well as digital copies.
  • Audiobook narration and publishing.
  • Marketing
  • Website/Social Media presence
  • Book cover design.
  • Guidance, suggestions, and general help.

We are physically located in Springfield, Illinois, USA.

In theory, yes. It all boils down to the quality of your work. In order to maintain a quality brand, we only accept quality works into our fold.

No. Anyone with a passion for books who has a talent to offer may join the cooperative. 

While we would like to ultimately expand to all genres, at the moment, we only accept: Fantasy Fiction, Horror Fiction, and Science Fiction.


Submit your Manuscript

Ready to share your passion with the world? Submit your manuscript for review and possible publication with Aarden Press.